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The Slingbox of Video Games

UD - Spawn 720-HD Today, it's officially, finally, the first day of fall.

Soon, the leaves will begin to fall, outdoor pleasures will fade away (so long, rooftop bars and Slip 'n Slides), and you'll find yourself revisiting certain indoor delights.

Like video games. But you should know, the game has just changed…

Meet Spawn, a new gadget that does for gaming what Slingbox did for watching TV—in other words, lets you do it anywhere, anytime—preordering now.

Until recently, you pretty much had to play your games wherever your console/TV/man cave was. But as of now, you've been unchained—with Spawn, you can get your gaming fix wherever you get the itch. We're not saying this includes your office, but we're not saying it doesn't.

What you do: plug this into your PlayStation or Xbox, and then plug it into your Web connection. Simple as that. Then find a computer, and it's Madden time. Imagine the possibilities: you're "sick" with food poisoning (from too much scotch, but still). Get online in bed, and beat your high score between naps. Or say you're looking to unwind after your red-eye finally arrives—hit the minibar, dig out the laptop and suddenly you're carjacking prostitutes in Chinatown.

Also known as "playing Grand Theft Auto."

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