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Heavy Handed

Fifty Fingers of Glory in AC

UD - Ten Hand Massage Whew.

That was close. It got a little hairy there for a minute, but we're almost back at Dow 10,000.

You still look a little tense. We're thinking you need a massage...

Something a little more intense than Inga usually delivers. Something that makes you believe in miracles. Something that makes you forget your own first name. Something that involves ten hands.

Yes, you read that correctly. Five people. Ten hands. Fifty fingers.

Introducing the Dieci Mani massage at Qua Baths and Spa in Caesars in Atlantic City, taking reservations now.
First off, if you've been searching for a massage inspired by ancient worship ceremonies in honor of the Roman goddess of beauty, well, you'll be glad to know that your search ends in sunny Atlantic City. Just make your reservation 24 hours in advance, check in at Caesars, make a quick detour to the roulette table (think tip money for five masseuses) and head over to Qua.

And then, just like that, it begins—four master masseuses and a head masseuse of sorts start with your head and upper body and methodically work their way down your torso. And we can tell you from hard-earned experience that at some point you inevitably lose track of fingers, toes and reality. As things wrap up three hours later, you're given the run of the Roman baths to come to terms with how you're going to live out your days without five people rubbing you at all times.

And of course, like any decent 10-handed massage, it comes with a massage butler that will cater to your every whim.

Which means you should leave your regular massage butler at home.


Dieci Mani massage
at Caesars
2100 Pacific Ave
Atlantic City, NJ, 08401

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