A True Traffic-Stopping Beauty

You've been waiting for this. She's waiting for you. You're on your way.

Except…the 405 has other ideas. You're not moving. At all. At this rate, you might not get there until Thursday.

Traffic. It's the opposite of foreplay. But there's something new you can do about it—introducing the iPhone App.

The revolutionary app is here to help you know when you need to get off the 405 immediately (which, granted, is most of the time), so you can get to your date, your agent and/or your audition on time. (Hey, sometimes it's all in one stop.)

In addition to real-time, color-coded updates on construction and accidents, the app works with the website to help you store routes you use often, making it easier to check on your path to her place, Empire or, if you're feeling generous, your job.

You can also just get the need-to-know basics for your day in the neighborhood—it might tell you, for example, that the 110's a nightmare and, in not-unrelated news, there's a Dodger game tonight.

So you won't be the only one scoring.

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