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Flipping Someone the Bird by Postcard

UD - Shinebox Parking Tickets The things that make this city so lovable—the bikinis, the parties, the laid-back essence—are also what make it a parking nightmare.

The world's funny like that.

And up until now, you had no recourse when some unskillful/oblivious wanker decided to take up three spots with his GMC Denali.

But all that changes today—get ready to take matters into your own hands. Introducing Shinebox Parking Tickets, your new booklet of carefully worded scoldings, helping you call out Miami's worst parking offenders.

Consider these clever missives the postcard form of flipping someone the bird. If you've ever taken a look at, these feel a lot like that—there's everything from the sarcastic ("Maybe a GPS system could've helped you find the middle of this parking spot") to the threatening ("It was either this or put a crowbar through your windshield") to the probably-in-poor-taste ("Is your name Katrina? Because this parking job's a disaster").

If you're thinking what we're thinking, we could also see you using these in a more productive capacity. Let's say one of those bikini-clad beachgoers parks her Audi a bit off-center. Rather than slipping one of these cards under her windshield, deliver it to her in person along with a charming smile and an offer to help her with her technique.

Her parking technique, that is.

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