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Florent Rides Again (Sort Of)

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You've been here before.

The clock strikes 4am, you've just narrowly escaped being stampeded by a zealous horde of Jimmy Choo–wearing supermodels, and you're looking for refuge. Somewhere that will coddle you, caress you, hold you and tell you everything is going to be okay.

And if some fatty duck bacon is involved…

Yes, there is such a place and it's called Gansevoort 69, it's a glossy update of the old, beloved classic you once knew as Florent, and it's about to be the hub for just about all the after-hours action in the MPD, opening for business this weekend. And because you deserve it, we're going to give you the first peek inside…

The space should look familiar from the old days when the crowd still had a few platinum wigs in it, but you probably don't remember quite this much polished white tile, leather seats quite this soft, or the five-top Scarface booth in the back with a decidedly megalomaniacal view of the scene. As for the crowd, you can fully expect to see the District at its best, which means a landscape of pleasantly soused European diplomats, banking survivors, Mickey Rourke, waifish reality TV stars and all those Jimmy Choo–wearing supermodels.

If you're ringing in the morning, we'd suggest the Bananas Foster French Toast, but there are also new additions like the house Chicken & Waffles (which arrives smothered in black walnuts and bourbon maple syrup) or the 69 BLT, which swaps out the usual pork strips for a potent blend of duck breast, duck bacon and duck pâté…

Consider yourself coddled.


Gansevoort 69
69 Gansevoort St
(btwn Washington and Greenwich)
New York, NY, 10014


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