Let There Be Light. . .

New Solar Powered Mobile Device Charger

The sun is out (finally).

You're in the park. Suddenly, the beautiful tourist you met last night texts you and says she has an hour to kill before she flies back to Lithuania. You grab your cell to text her back—dead battery.

Does God hate you? Are you doomed to monk-like loneliness and Cinemax?

Not anymore.

Better Energy Systems has just released the Solio, a sleek, lightweight, portable solar-driven power source for your favorite electronic devices (cell phone, iPod, Palm Pilot, GameBoy and anything you can run off a car's cigarette lighter, like a digital camera).

We were pretty skeptical, but it works like a charm—all you need is some direct sunlight and in the same amount of time it normally takes to charge your device, Solio puts you back to full charge.

No sunlight? No problem—Solio is also a portable battery chargeable through a plain old outlet.

Now, if you could just meet another Lithuanian tourist...

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