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Never say never.

It's a daring, swashbuckling way to go through life.

And that philosophy has paid off—how else could you explain that night you fell asleep in a limo on the way to the West Village and woke up in a Jacuzzi in Atlantic City with two showgirls and a blackjack dealer.

So there may come a time when you find yourself not in A.C., but in the far off land that is Queens. And when that day comes, you're going to want a burger just the way you like it and a martini dirtied up with pickle juice.

Introducing Sweet Afton, a mischievous new bar from the crack team that brought you Wilfie and Nell, soft open now in Astoria.

Let's run through our Astoria Emergency Plan just so you're prepared before or after your next trip to the beer garden: just direct your associates down a bustling stretch of 30th Ave and when you find the beckoning Sweet Afton storefront (originally home to a tobacconist) you'll enter a scene that should feel a little familiar—dim light from glowing exposed bulbs, reclaimed wood from old shipping crates and loud rock music guiding the way.

Just slip into a booth or head to the back patio, order up your Dirty Pickle Martini and an Irish cheddar–topped burger (chef PJ Calapa spent six months working with Pat LaFrieda perfecting this beast) and prepare for the type of rambunctious booze-and-pub-food evening that you've spent months perfecting at Wilfie and Nell.

But that's a story for another borough.

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