It Takes Two

Your Next Party's Secret Ingredient

UD - DJ Mixer In the beginning, there was silence. 

And then, there were DJs—cool guys with huge crates of vinyl, giant turntables and questionable threads, scratching and mixing and keeping the party going into the wee hours of tomorrow afternoon. Well, at least we think it was the music.

But then along came Apple and ruined everything—suddenly everyone and their mom could be a "DJ," armed with an iPod and a couple of Bel Biv DeVoe MP3s. (In fairness, your mom has put together some pretty mind-blowing playlists...) And worst of all, no one looked cool doing it.

Here to return would-be DJs to their glorious past: the just-released DJ Mixer, which—when combined with two iPods—will give your next rager a much-needed dose of Jam Master Jay–style cachet.

Frankly, there was always something not quite right about a party having just one source of music. But now, when your arch nemesis whips out his iPod, you can whip out two. Put on the folding headphones (included) for that coveted "Really, I know what I'm doing" look, and start "scratching" the wheels and twisting the knobs and we're pretty sure you can't go wrong. Of course, you'll want to say things like you're filtering (long story) and flanging (longer story); and if you need to cover up any mistakes you make—say, like, flubbing that transition from "Under Pressure" to "Ice Ice Baby"—there are two full-on effects programs where you press a button and everything magically seems to be okay.

Which, okay, kind of makes it sound like something mom would use for her BBD mix. Hey, you're not wrong, but we never said DJing should be hard—we said it should look cool. And when a particular groove inspires you to perform a little free-form karaoke, you can plug in a mic and start spitting.

Groupies love it when you're spontaneous.

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