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UD - PulpTunes You've spent hours crafting some of the world's most legendary playlists: Party Time, Excellent (Lil Wayne, Jimmy Buffett), Office Mix #12 (more Wayne and Jimmy) and, of course, Bearskin Rug: The Soundtrack (pretty much Barry White's entire catalog).

But if you want to listen to them anywhere your computer doesn't go—say that nest of brow sweat and intrigue you call your cubicle—you've been out of luck.

So imagine if there was a better way—a way for you to stream that big iTunes library of yours anywhere in the free world.

Imagine no more: introducing PulpTunes, a revolutionary new program that lets you stream your iTunes anywhere around the globe, online now.

Before you get started, ask yourself one question: can I get online right now? If the answer is "Yes," you're good to go. From there, just download the program, launch it and watch in awe as it mimics the brilliance of your iTunes on the random computer at the business center party you're throwing in Dubai.

Now, if you have an iPod, you might wonder why you need this. A couple reasons: this works on your work computer (we won't tell your boss), so you'll never have to suffer through online radio again. And, of course, if there's a party emergency—say the DJ came down with a case of bad vibes—you can hook up a laptop and cue up that epic playlist you keep handy for times like these.

Cue R. Kelly.

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