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It's Friday, and you're tired of doing work.

On days like this you just want to plop down on a leather couch, bask in some talented person's idea of what's beautiful and delicious, and maybe see Gwyneth Paltrow.

In other words, you want to visit Mr. Chow, your new scene-heavy dim sum palace. Allow us to give you the first pictorial tour of the place, open as of today at W South Beach.

Think of this Miami outpost as the sexy, beachfront sibling to the ultra-swanky New York and Beverly Hills locations. The first thing you'll notice is how extremely plush it all is. From the thick royal-blue carpeting to the curtained outdoor cabanas to the private dining room that seats 50 and features its own bartender, Mr. Chow is going to make sure you're comfortable.

Whether you've come here with a date or just a friend/mistress, you'll want to begin your evening at the bar (watermelon-cucumber martini for her, well-aged cognac for you). Once you're ready for dinner, make sure to grab one of the banquet tables in the center of the room, where you'll catch the parade of socialites, moguls and models coming and going. 

And don't forget to admire the Swarovski crystal fixtures up above you, in between bites of Gambler's Duck, Emperor's Crab and Beef Tongue.

You can never get enough tongue.


Mr. Chow
at W South Beach
2201 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139


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