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'Round this time of year, certain things make sense.

Like, drinking outside all day. And drinking outside all night. Naturally.

And not that you're necessarily about to go on an epic 16-hour beer bender, but it's good to know there's a new spot tailor-made to fight the good fight and while away languid long, hot, summer stretches…
Introducing Berry Park, a massive barn with a massive-er roof deck built for one reason and one reason only: marathon rooftop German beer drinking, planning to open Friday in Williamsburg.
Partially owned by an alum that brought you the Germania at Zum Schneider, Berry Park is about as simple as your favorite drinking establishments get—it looks like a barn (rustic dark wood, poured concrete floors, simple picnic tables), offers up 15 beers on tap with crazy names like Köstritzer Schwarzbier and has one projector with a giant screen for soccer matches (just in time to satisfy your twice-a-decade World Cup jones).

Oh, and about that roof deck: this is where you'll want to be when you find yourself in Williamsburg as a slight breeze blows through, and nothing but a sudsy beverage—outdoors, at a picnic table under a blue Hofbrau umbrella, overlooking McCarren Park—will do.

Which may happen surprisingly often.


Berry Park
4 Berry St
(at N. 14th St)
Brooklyn, NY, 11211


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