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Your New Online Sausage Fest

According to the sausage-pushing gluttons at the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, July is National Hot Dog Month. In honor of this momentous pseudo-holiday of meat, we wanted to share five of our favorite sausage joints—all of which conveniently take orders online—<a target="_blank" href= "">and what they'll deliver</a>.

Top Dog
The Elevated Dog

Top Dog

Try: The Calabrese, made with pork, paprika, chili and fennel 
Buns: $7 for a half-dozen 
Bonus: Berkeley's dog pusher since 1966 sells an awesome "mural poster" of an anthropomorphic hot dog. (So you can hang it above your bed.)

The High-Low Dog


Try: The Game Sausage Sampler, which includes Wild Boar and Sage and Duck and Aramagnac options 
Buns: Baguette not included, sorry 
Bonus: One of the few places around sating your unending appetite for foie gras

Savenor's Sausage Society
The Wild Dog

Savenor's Sausage Society

Try: The monthly sausage society, where you'll get offerings like a Venison Merlot and Blueberry sausage, which sounds equally ridiculous and delicious 
Buns: N/A, unless you wrap your hot dog in other meats 
Bonus: There's also a bacon society and a more traditional meat of the month club.

Conecuh Sausage
The Southern Dog

Conecuh Sausage

Try: The Original Spicy and Hot Smoked Sausage, dating back 62 years, which uses a little red pepper to heat things up 
Buns: You're on your own. 
Bonus: For 14 bucks, they'll sell you an apron. And for 260 more, they'll even sell you a grill.

The Sausage Guy
The Streetcart Dog

The Sausage Guy

Try: Sometimes you go to Fenway, sometimes you bring Fenway to you: try fan-favorite Sweet Italian Sausage. (Also, it's your only choice.) 
Buns: N/A, but in this case, that's probably a good thing 
Bonus: The Sausage Guy is also a Salsa Guy—he runs Salsa's Mexican Grill in Boston.

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