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Le Whif, C'est Chic

Finally, Chocolate You Can Inhale

UrbanDaddy - Le Whif You've long enjoyed the sweet, sweet taste of solid chocolate.

And on special occasions—that wild night with the girl who had a Swiss Miss fetish, that hot day when you left a Hershey bar on your dash—you've even enjoyed it as a liquid.

But never before have you had it like this: introducing Le Whif, a magical new inhaler that delivers chocolate in delicious breathable form.

Consider it the perfect introduction next time you spot a mysterious stranger at the bar. Lighting up a smoke is out of the question—where it's not banned, it's frowned upon—so you spark up one of these. Just pull out the inhaler—flat, so no chocolate spills out—and give it a quick pull and a twist. Press it to your mouth, breathe in, and enjoy a big, fat whiff of chocolate—a calorie-free whiff, as you can remind your new chocoholic friend when you pass it her way. (Just ask her kindly not to Bogart it.)

The device, naturally, is the brainchild of a Harvard professor, presumably inspired by looking at a candy bar and thinking how awesome it would be to smoke it. (He was right.) That might explain why, as with inhaling certain other pleasurable intoxicants, consuming Le Whif is all about the ritual—there are even detailed instructions and a site devoted to people looking good while using it.

Too cool to chew.

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