Hit the Suds

Taking a Shower Is About to Get a Lot More Fun

UrbanDaddy - Exfoliating Beer Bar Beer. You know it. You love it. And if you could bathe in it, you'd do that, too.

Well, we've got good news: your bath is about to get a whole lot sudsier. Meet the Exfoliating Beer Bar, the best use of Goose Island Oatmeal Stout you'll find outside of a pint glass.

This isn't the only beer soap you've seen, but it is the first drawing lather from Chicago's favorite stout. Handcrafted in La Porte, Indiana, the soap harnesses the power of organic oat bran to provide you with an invigorating all-over skin scrub—right down to places that would make a Quaker blush. Then, capitalizing on oatmeal's famed affinity for soothing sensitive skin, the soap maker pours a healthy jigger of Goose Island's famously dark and delicious brew into the formula—each bar contains about an ounce of beer. (Where was this when Mom was making us wash our mouths out with the stuff?)

An added benefit of the oatmeal: it provides a slightly, shall we say, intoxicating fragrance, clocking in somewhere between bready and lightly woodsy. So when you shower with it in the morning, you won't smell like you spent last night in a brewery.

Even if you did.

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