Let's Go To The Videotape

New Disposable Digital Video Camera

It's the kind of night that never happens...Your friends ditch out while you stick around the dive bar talking to that girl. She invites you to a loft party in Tribeca filled with models—suddenly you're shooting Cuervo with DeNiro and playing "pajama beer pong" with Christopher Walken and the Olsen twins.

Problem: the next day (shockingly) nobody believes you.

Well, now you can snag a disposable video camera from CVS and preserve your nights for posterity.

Just released, this isn't the answer to your digital video prayers, but it's close—pocket friendly (the size of a regular disposable camera), light, easy to navigate...and at the price of two drinks, you won't care if you spill one on it.

It's no-frills: It only holds 20 minutes of footage, and playback and delete are limited to the last shot. It also has no video out-ports, so you have to take it to CVS; within an hour they'll give you back a DVD with TV quality resolution (when shot in good light) and decent sound for nearby action.

They'll keep the camera, but you'll have the proof.


$29.99 for the camera, $12.99 for processing. Currently available at New York area CVS stores, nationwide later this summer.

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