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 While drinking is certainly a noble and worthwhile activity on its own, we're always looking for new and exciting ways to infuse booze into other activities.Like skiing.

Chances are, however, that unless you have a St. Bernard trained to carry one of those mini-kegs around its neck, you don't get to "tap the Rockies" until after your last run of the day.

Coldpole offers a more immediate solution—this new liquid reservoir ski pole carries on the rich traditions of the trick leg and the false bottom by offering a functional way to hit the sauce on the go. This multi-tasking, James Bond-esque gadget is one part top-quality aluminum alloy ski pole and one part flask. The secret is in the handle. It has the look, feel, and comfort of a typical ski-pole handle, but screws open to provide—eureka—access to its wondrous storage facilities.

Each pole holds 8 ounces—plenty of room for some mountaintop sips of wine with your girl, or a few shots of Jack to keep you warm on the back bowl (and it's all served nicely chilled, of course).

Warning: UD does not assume any liability for the serious physical injury you will very likely suffer as a result of skiing while drinking Johnny from your ski pole.

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