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Egg McMuffin Maker

You've been accused of not being able to boil an egg. This culinary deficiency, paired with your deep and undying love (Super Size Me aside) for McDonald's Egg McMuffins, leaves you with no choice but to continue to hunt the golden arches (or deli knockoffs) every morning.

Well, we'd like to thank the person responsible for saving us a few bucks and an extra 15 minutes of sleep by inventing this great contraption, the Back to Basics Egg & Muffin Toaster, which cooks your very own Egg McMuffin at home.

Multitasking like a legal secretary on speed, this lean-looking machine toasts your bread, cooks your egg, and warms your meat all at the same time, so the components are ready together—leaving you to merely assemble and eat. Just stick in muffins, add water (you can adjust the amount for soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs), crack the egg, slide in the meat (will it be a sausage or ham day?) and you're good to go.

Even better, waiting time is a mere four minutes for your delicious heaven-sent sandwich. It's crazy, but this might actually be the appliance that gets more love than your plasma.


Back to Basics Egg & Muffin Toaster

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