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Beer, Now in Convenient Candle Form

UrbanDaddy - Beer Organic Candle You and beer, you go way back.

And for good reason: the mouth-watering taste. The bubbly way the suds slide down your throat. The way a few pints can make the world feel…and look…and smell…

But never in your beer-soaked dreams did you imagine anything like this: the Beer Organic Candle, a heaven-sent combination of fire and booze, available now.

Sure, beer has lit up your life before, but not like this: simply light a match, press it to the wick and prepare to be whisked away to a magical place where everything smells like your favorite brew. (Assuming your favorite brew is a lager—sadly, stout and hefeweizen versions aren't yet available.) Made entirely from organic materials—you know, like beer—the candle lasts up to 70 hours, which should give you plenty of time to get a buzz on. (Just don't let the thing get skunky.)

And not that you need us to tell you, but…there's this day coming up. It's about dads. And, well, it seems like this—and a case of his go-to brew—would be kind of perfect for him.

And hey: Mom always liked candles, too.

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