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UrbanDaddy - Sonoro Elements W Sometimes, the best way to re-experience a classic is via some slightly less vintage technology.

Like reading the Iliad on a Kindle.  Or having the perfect Manhattan mixed by a witty robot bartender.  Or watching Fellini films—by which we mean spending time with Sophia Loren—on your flat-screen.

And now: listening to the radio on the Internet … on a radio.

Introducing the Sonoro Elements W, a handsome little gadget that lets you do just that, available now.

Just turn on the elegant device—yes, it's German—and it'll begin searching via Wi-Fi for radio stations from around the globe. You'll have access to around 16,000 streams, so you'll probably want some help deciding what to play. Type in what you're looking for by genre, artist, and/or geography—a little Ethiopian funk here, a little Mexican jazz there, maybe some Sam Cooke—and the next thing you know, you're listening to the foremost hip-hop station in all of Lithuania.

And for those occasions when you want to take control, you can connect your iPod and blast Awesome Mix #12 to your heart's content.  (Even 16,000 streams couldn't hope to match the nuanced complexity of your soft rock mix.)  And yes, we know you can do all this on a computer, but when's the last time you cranked your laptop speakers up to 11?

That's what we thought.

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