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The Jane Hotel's New Grand Ballroom

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Now is a time of crumbling decadence.

So it seems appropriate that on the far west side of the West Side—in a 100-year-old hotel that once housed survivors from the Titanic—a spectacular three-room bar littered with exotic taxidermy, upholstered in velvet and basking in vintage opulence, is set to open for your cocktailing pleasure.

Welcome to the fading grandiosity of The Jane Ballroom at Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson's (the Bowery Hotel, the Maritime Hotel) Jane Hotel, ready for action tomorrow night.

Picture the type of living room where the Royal Tenenbaums would host their family reunion: a barroom lorded over by a stuffed monkey in a fez. A grand drawing room (the ballroom) complete with mismatched couches, an oversize fireplace and a full-size stuffed ram. A mezzanine with booths (and another bar, naturally) tucked away under a giant, broken disco ball. From there you can picture the kind of night that starts with a few manhattans in the barroom with a date, morphs into fireside drinks as the DJ warms up in the ballroom and breaks into an all-out dance party on the mezzanine.

It's the perfect setting for, say, weekly soirees (curated by Carlos and Matt from The Smile) meant to tempt a brainy crowd of journalists with roundtable discussions (Sunday), film aficionados with short films by young auteurs (Monday) and board game enthusiasts with…bingo and Boggle (Thursday).

Nothing like a little Boggle with your dry martini.


The Jane Hotel Ballroom
113 Jane Street
(at West Street)
Meatpacking District
New York, NY, 10014


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