Great Balls of Info

Get Your Information in Color

Some people spend their entire day searching the net for what they want.

We at UD prefer our information to come straight to us—in color.

That's why we picked up an Ambient Orb, art that does more than just sit on your desk and look cool—it tracks the Dow Jones (your portfolio or any individual stock), glowing a spectrum of colors—from bright green when you're in the money, to red when you might want to dump your Pfizer. It plugs into a regular outlet and doesn't need a computer or the Internet (it's a wireless device that receives info via a broadcast signal). You can also program the Orb to track almost anything you can think of—traffic, weather, if someone is on IM, the number of emails awaiting you from your ex, even the presidential approval rating (be prepared for a steady red glow). All you need to do is take a quick glance (and know the difference between puce and fuchsia).

For info junkies and the color-challenged alike, the Executive Dashboard delivers your goods via a geek-chic meter panel. It comes with 30 plates to swap out so you can customize it to read three pieces of information at once.

Now if only it could tell us when and where Kate Moss and LiLo will make out next.

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