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We like to think of ourselves as appreciators of innovation.
Whether it comes from a pajama-clad artist holed up in a pink West Village castle or a corporate behemoth with stores in Kenosha, Wisconsin, we don't discriminate.
So we've been keeping our eyes on the Americana hucksters at J.Crew lately as they tinker with their khaki empire—first when they opened up a brilliant slice of a store in an old bar, then when they started collaborating with old schoolers like Alden shoes and Mackintosh coats and finally when they became tight with the Prez.
So we're happy to bring you a first sneak peek inside their latest den of sartorial innovation: the Mens Shop—complete with a nifty little suiting parlor within the store—opening tomorrow in Soho.
Think of the new store as a bigger version of their Tribeca Liquor Store mixed with a guys-only vintage shop and your favorite tailor's workshop. And it looks the part: light wood floors, black lacquered metal, and old, restored cabinets and tables set the scene for a pretty choice collection of gear and sundries.
We're talking classics (selvedge denim, trim polos), collaborations (Mr. Freedom Ts, Russell Moccasins) and vintage (old books, magazines, belts and the like), in addition to all the duds—from Thomas Mason shirts, argyle socks and vintage tie bars—you would need to clean up nice in The Suit Shop.
We eagerly anticipate the J.Crew sartorial gastropub…


The J.Crew Mens Shop
484 Broadway
(at Broome)
New York, NY, 10013


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