Barsys 360 Is a Robot Bartender for Your Home Bar

Its AI-Powered Cocktail Suggestions Keep You Flush in New Recipes

Image: Barsys

There's value in doing things for yourself.

But there's even more value in enlisting an expert to do things for you.

Case in point: building a house. Or, and this is only slightly less impactful: making a cocktail.

Hence the joy you get from watching a skilled bartender stir, shake or otherwise concoct the perfect drink. 

The new Barsys 360 can't wear a vest, banter, or flame an orange peel over the top of your Old Fashioned, but it can make a damn fine cocktail. Also, unlike your friendly neighborhood barkeep, it won't be weird if it lives in your kitchen.

This is a follow-up to the Barsys Coaster, which helped you make cocktails by measuring the weight of poured ingredients, and lighting up in different colors to tell you when to start and stop pouring. The 360 version takes things a couple steps further by dispensing the ingredients for you, so you can just sit back and watch until it's time for that first sip. Which is only a few seconds later, so don't get too comfortable.

barsys 360 with red cocktail

The Barsys 360 has six slots to hold whatever liquors and mixers you want. Once you've added the ingredients, pull up the app, tell it what you added, and it will spin up a bunch of different recipes you can make with what's inside. Choose from one of the curated cocktails, or customize your own, and the contraption will get to work making your drink.

That's one part of the equation. The other part is the newly launched Barsys Subscription Box. It integrates ReserveBar's extensive catalog of spirits and mixers into the Barsys app, so you can quickly browse, select and purchase ingredients directly through the platform, and they will show up at your door. Once you use the platform and provide some feedback, an internal AI will then offer personalized suggestions that take into account your preferences, so you'll always have a trove of new recipes and bottles to try.

It's either that or talking to another human being.

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