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Magnolia Bakery Has Entered the Cannabis Game

These THC-Laced Chocolate Bars Celebrate the Bakery’s Most Iconic Flavors

Image: Incredibles

Since opening its first New York City shop in 1996, Magnolia Bakery has become world-famous, now serving iconic desserts, including cakes, cupcakes and brownies in 35+ shops around the world and online.

But all this time, if you wanted to take the edge off with a little THC, you had to handle that part on your own.

No longer. Magnolia has teamed up with Incredibles, the cannabis edibles brand, to launch two new limited-edition THC-infused chocolate bars. They're available now at RISE Dispensaries in Illinois, Nevada and Massachusetts, with wider availability to follow. Select markets can also shop the collection online.

Magnolia's foray into cannabis celebrates two of the brand’s most popular items, but this time in a new light, with chocolate bars inspired by its signature banana pudding and red velvet cupcakes. 

Swirled Famous Banana Pudding Bara swirl of creamy vanilla pudding, crunchy vanilla cookies and freeze-dried bananas, containing 10mg THC per piece and 100mg THC per bar.

Red Velvet Piece Ahhh Cake 1:1 Bar: flavors of moist crimson cake, cream cheese tang and rich dark chocolate, containing 10mg THC and 10mg CBD per piece and 100mg THC and 100mg CBD per bar.

Each bar has 10 squares, so you can choose your own dosage adventure. That's common with Incredibles products. The company, which launched in 2010, is known as the “credible edible” and champions dose transparency, so you get predictable effects each time.

And the best part is you don't have to line up around the block or watch Sex and the City to experience it.

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