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Paranormal Reserve Haunted Hotel Edition Is the Year's Scariest Vodka

It Spent 30 Days Inside Two of the Country's Most Haunted Hotels

Image: Harridan Vodka

Each October, we get something to look forward to.

Eating an ungodly amount of candy, obviously.

But also the latest release from Harridan Vodka, who continues to put out scary spirits leading up to Halloween.

This time it's Paranormal Reserve: Haunted Hotel Edition, which sees its vodka spend time inside two of the country's most haunted hotels. 

This year’s collection contains just 350 bottles: 175 were rested in the 1886 Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and 175 hung out inside the Anderson Hotel in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

At the Crescent, which is billed as "America's most haunted hotel," the bottles rested for 30 days in Norman Baker’s morgue. The Anderson has a grim history, including at least 13 recorded deaths. There the bottles spent a month in some of the scariest rooms on the defunct and largely untouched property, including a closet where a guest hung himself and a room where a mattress covered in blood still resides.

harridan vodka paranormal reserve with box
harridan vodka

Each bottle is hand-numbered and comes packaged in a wood box carved by a local New York woodworker, alongside accessories from the hotel in which it rested (keychain, hotel pad and pen), an authenticity card, and gloves for safe handling. The gloves are how you know shit is getting real.

Last year, Harridan released 666 bottles that were rested for 30 days at the Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut, which houses the infamous Annabelle doll. And the year before that, they enlisted three of America's most haunted locations—the Villisca Axe Murder House, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, and Farm on Round Top Road, which inspired the movie The Conjuring. So, they're really staying on theme.

The new Haunted Hotel Edition goes live the morning of October 13. Which is Friday the 13th. 

Drink it if you dare...

Or if you need something for your Dirty Martini. 

harridan vodka paranormal reserve 2023 release
harridan vodka

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