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These Booze-Infused Sauces Are Ready to Party

Enlist for Father's Day, July 4th and All of Summer's Occasions

Image: Tattersall Distilling

Summer is here, and that means you're increasingly likely to find yourself standing beside a grill, clicking tongs and asking anyone within earshot to bring you a fresh beer.

You might be grilling something special for your dad, or slow-cooking meat for a Fourth of July gathering. Or maybe you're just cooking dinner on your cramped apartment balcony. 

In all scenarios heretofore described and those not yet covered, the same principle applies: liquor-laced sauces can only improve the proceedings. Hence this new lineup of booze-infused sauces from Tattersall Distilling.

The Minneapolis distillery makes a portfolio of solid spirits, including bourbon, rye, rum, gin and aquavit. All taste good on their own or mixed into cocktails, but now you can find out what they taste like mixed into sauces—sauces that you will lovingly brush onto meat from your perch at the grill. Here's what you're working with.

tattersall distilling sauces
tattersall distilling

Tattersall Whiskey BBQ Sauce
This Kansas City-style barbecue sauce is smoky and tangy, with just the right bite. It begins with a tomato base and incorporates Tattersall rye whiskey and a rich blend of spices. Break it out for ribs, pulled pork or your favorite smoked meats.  

Tattersall Aquavit BBQ Sauce 
Aquavit doesn't often accompany barbecue, but that changes today. Because Tattersall used their warm and herbal aquavit in this Carolina mustard-based sauce. It's bright and zesty with a hint of peppery spice, and it's primed to spruce up chicken, pork shoulder and other smoked dishes.

Tattersall Bourbon Barrel Aged Soy Sauce
You cannot live on barbecue sauce alone. Sometimes you need soy sauce. So here's this traditionally brewed soy sauce that's been aged in a bourbon barrel. It's savory and roasty, and it brings a punch of umami, complexity and depth to grilled and smoked meats.

The best part about cooking with boozy sauces is that it's right and reasonable to pair each dish with the corresponding spirit. So plunk down a bottle of rye or aquavit on the table. This works twofold: It keeps everyone happy, and it reduces the chance that some overzealous guest will chug a bottle of sauce.

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