Artificial Intelligence Has Come for Candles

Scent Lab's Algorithm Creates Custom Scents Just for You

Image: Scent Lab

Self-driving cars haven't become ubiquitous. 

And we've yet to experience a Skynet-style takeover, wherein machines rise up to rule us all.

So maybe artificial intelligence isn't quite as smart as was promised.

But we'll be damned if we can't at least use AI to score some great smelling candles for the holidays.

Scent Lab is a new digital platform that's using an algorithm to pair people with personalized scents, and then sending custom candles straight to your door. 

Poke around the website, and you'll take a short quiz to determine your scent style. It'll show you scenes, like a roaring fire, flowers in a gentle breeze, freshly baked cookies and a peaceful forest. It's up to you to choose what appeals to you and what doesn't (for the record, only a monster hates freshly baked cookies). Answer a few more questions to give the program additional insights into your preferences, and it will run that data through a proprietary algorithm to unlock your perfect scent and recommend candles you're sure to like. 

scent lab candle
Scent Lab

The candles are custom blended from a large palette of scents, so your candle won't be the same as everyone else's. Each one is made with sustainable soy wax and cotton wicks, it comes in a customizable matte glass vessel of your choosing, and the estimated burn time is 80 hours. Go ahead and light that thing ablaze. 

You can also give the experience to someone else, so they can input their own preferences and find the perfect candle for them. Which sounds like an incredibly easy way to check a couple people off your holiday gift list.

Scent Lab maintains an online profile for customers, so over time, it can leverage its self-learning capabilities to recommend other products you might like in new and seasonal scents.

You've got friends and coworkers who don't know you this well.

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