Star Chef Matty Matheson Just Launched a Workwear Label

Rosa Rugosa Features Durable Shirts, Pants and Hats

Image: Rosa Rugosa

You might know Matty Matheson from his many restaurants. Or his YouTube shows. Or his cookbooks.

Maybe you saw him recently on FX's The Bear, where he plays a handyman named Neil.

If any of the above is true, you might then wonder how someone with so many irons in the proverbial fire has time to make a clothing brand.

But the Toronto-based chef saw a need for a workwear line that was functional and stylish. So, he created one.

Rosa Rugosa is a collaboration between Matheson and designer Ray Natale. To make it happen, they acquired all the necessary equipment from a closed factory and set up shop in Toronto's Parkdale neighborhood, so they could oversee every step of the process. They hired local artisans to do the cutting and sewing. 

The lineup includes long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts, pants, shorts and hats. All the attire is available in a wide variety of sizes, made from heavyweight cotton, double stitched, and built to last. 

Shirts, pants and shorts come in five styles, from solid navy and green to a hickory stripe pattern reminiscent of old railroad uniforms. The shirts feature two chest pockets, and the pants are relaxed with roomy leg openings. The trucker hats are currently available in green or blue, with an adjustable snapback closure.

Buy a matching set, or mix and match to find what works—or just pair an item with something already in your closet. The point of all this is to give you well-made basics that you can wear anywhere. You don't need to be a chef or even have a physically demanding job to appreciate these clothes. 

They fit just as well in a hot kitchen as they do on a comfortable couch.

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