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An NFT Wine Club with Exclusive Bottles and Perks

Club dVIN Grants You Access to Rare Wines and Experiences Around the World


You may still be figuring out non-fungible tokens, aka NFTs. 

And that's understandable, especially since people are spending millions of dollars on digital artwork and tweets.

But now NFTs are popping up in a world you do understand: wine.

The real kind. With bottles you can hold in your hand and liquid you can drink.

Club dVIN is a just-launched NFT wine club with an initial offering of 5,000 memberships. Joining the club provides access to curated wines and fine-dining experiences across the globe, physical and virtual tastings with the world's best sommeliers, and access to rare collections and exclusive drops by top winemakers.

There are two options to join. Genesis is the standard membership level, and it includes all manner of rare wines, exclusive content and tastings, and access to the community. Global Insider gives you all of the above, plus priority access to global events and on-site winery events, and a 24/7 concierge service that can provide wine recommendations, answer questions and even help you secure hard-to-get dinner reservations.

Each bottle you get through the club is linked to a "tasting token" on the blockchain. As you collect these tokens, you gain access to Club dVIN's curated experiences, as well as special benefits and rewards from winemakers. Over time, these NFTs will become an immersive virtual tasting journal. 

If you purchase a membership, you'll receive a certificate of authenticity, chain of custody and proof of provenance. As an NFT, your membership is an asset which can later be sold or transferred, so if you decide to divest yourself from the club, you can sell it or gift it to someone else.

But while you have that membership, you might as well take advantage of upcoming members-only events in places like Paris, Bordeaux, Amsterdam and London. Plus an exceedingly rare harvest experience in Bhutan.

The real Bhutan. Not, like, a digital facsimile.

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