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"The Joy of Pizza"

Razza May Be America's Best Pizza Joint. Lucky for Us, the Chef Wrote a Book.

Photo: Eric Wolfinger

It's difficult to manifest subjective feelings like "joy" into tangible objects.

But, if joy were a food, we can all agree that it would be pizza.

Now there's a new treatise on the subject, and it takes the form of a 288-page book that looks good enough to eat.

"The Joy of Pizza" comes from Razza chef Dan Richer. In 2017, The New York Times food critic, Pete Wells, made a bold statement that the best pizza in New York might actually be in New Jersey. He was talking about Razza. 

the joy of pizza book
The Joy of Pizza. Photo by Eric Wolfinger.

Within the tome, you will find sections on ingredients, techniques and recipes. You'll receive a masterclass on dough and toppings, and you'll get a look at Richer's rubrics—the criteria on which he evaluates tomatoes, olive oil and mozzarella. (Tomatoes are evaluated across seven categories, including viscosity, texture and acidity.)  

Read up on dough-related techniques, from starting with the optimal water temperature to stretching and shaping the dough. Then keep going for tips on baking, whether you're using a gas-powered home oven or a wood-fired brick oven. There are also plenty of recipes you can make yourself, from finished pizzas to sauces and condiments.

The pages are filled with step-by-step photography and pictures of every pizza before and after it goes into the oven. So, you’ll know exactly what it should look like as you attempt to recreate what you see.

If you miss the mark, no worries. Now you've got a pizza to snack on while you try again.

The Joy of Pizza book by dan richer
The Joy of Pizza. Photo by Eric Wolfinger.

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