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Beer and Brats Are Good. But Beer IN Brats Is Even Better.

This Schaller & Weber's Sausage Is Infused with Local Lager


Sausage and beer is one of life's great duos.

Served side-by-side, it's a classic, safe pairing.

If you want to think outside the box, you could shove a sausage into a beer bottle... 

But putting the beer inside the sausage seems like a far better idea.

New York City’s iconic German deli and butcher, Schaller & Weber, has partnered with Brooklyn's EBBS brewery to do just that. The result is Bier Brats No. 3, a blessed union that's ready to improve football season, Labor Day festivities, Oktoberfest and random weeknights.

Schaller & Weber bier brats no. 3
Schaller & Weber

The brats are available at Schaller & Weber in NYC, so swing by if you're local. Otherwise you can buy four-packs online in a well-conceived arrangement in which they're shipped to your door in exchange for money.

To make the bratwurst, Schaller & Weber enlisted EBBS Lager No. 3, a traditional German-style helles known for its soft, golden color and malt-driven profile with spicy and floral hops. The lager goes straight into the course-ground sausage recipe, which was designed to work in tandem with the beer.

You don't need to know all the backroom tinkering and sausage-related science that went into making this holy union. 

You just need to stock up on buns and mustard.

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