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Four Seasons Total Landscaping: The Beer

It's Made With Sour Grapes

Photo: Rascals Brewing Company

The date: November 7, 2020.

The place: Four Seasons Total Landscaping on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

Conveniently located between a crematorium and an adult bookstore.

That's where Rudy Giuliani held one of the more unconventional press conferences in an election cycle featuring many unconventional press conferences.

This will be one of those "Do you remember where you were when..." moments. But for one Irish brewer, it's an opportunity to memorialize the fiasco with a beer.

Four Saisons Total Landscaping is a new, limited-release beer from Rascals Brewing Company in Dublin. It's a 4% ABV farmhouse ale brewed with... sour grapes. And it's something that every other brewer in the world must be wishing they'd thought of first.

The American flag-draped can says "Make America Rake Again" and shows Giuliani at a podium, reading from a book called Politics for Dummies. So, it's a pretty spot-on recreation of the actual event.

Rascals Brewing turned the beer around quickly after the news broke. It's an impressive feat of marketing, but it's not the first time the brewery had some fun at the administration's expense: Last year, they launched Impeachment Pale Ale (emphasis on the peach) in a bright orange can.

Considering the beer is so limited (and in Ireland), it's not likely you'll get a chance to try this one unless you've got a Dublin-based friend who can ship some over to you. In which case, you should definitely do that.

But you don't need to try this to know it's clearly the year's best beer.

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