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Siponey Canned Cocktails Take the Guesswork out of Good Drinking

The Sparkling Cans Contain Rye Whiskey, Wildflower Honey and Fresh Lemon

Photo: Siponey

Mixing up a good drink isn't terribly difficult.

But letting someone else mix up a good drink, put it in a can, and ship it to your house is even easier.

So whether you want something different for virtual happy hour or you want to switch out a few beers for cocktails while you watch football, this could be the answer.

Siponey is a new outfit that's making canned cocktails featuring rye whiskey and wildflower honey. Founded by cocktail expert Amanda Victoria and horticulturist Joseph Mintz, the company is currently offering two drinks: Siponey Royale and Siponey Café. Each 12-ounce can is 5% ABV and available to purchase online. Here's what else you need to know.

Siponey Royale

The company's first product, Siponey Royale is made with a spicy four-year-old New York state rye whiskey made from locally sourced grains. That's joined in the can by wildflower honey, fresh lemon juice and sparkling water, all sourced around upstate New York. It's tart and bubbly, like a Gold Rush meets Brut champagne, and absent any of the cloying sweetness or artificial flavors present in many canned cocktails. This stuff would really spruce up a picnic or other al fresco activity. $49.99/8-pack

Siponey Café

The just-launched Siponey Café is made with the same four-year-old rye, plus local cold brew coffee, wildflower honey, lemon and sparkling water. Crack one open when starting your night if you need a little pick-me-up, or bring a couple cans to brunch. The whiskey-and-coffee combo is appropriate any time of day. $49.99/8-pack

If you want to try both, they offer a mixed eight-pack featuring four Royales and four Cafés, which seems like a smart way to go. The company is also selling some merch (T-shirts and hoodies), with all proceeds going to support apiaries around the country.

Gotta protect those bees.

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