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Boost Your Mood and Decrease Anxiety with Pym "Mood Chews"

These Couldn't Have Come at a Better Time

Image: Pym

Hey. How are you? We hope you're doing OK.

But it's possible—likely, even—that something in the world right now is stressing you out.

Because, well, have you looked outside, turned on the TV or checked your calendar lately?

To help you get through it all, here's Pym. These all-natural "mood chews" are packed with ingredients meant to address anxiety and stress. So they couldn't have come at a better time.

Pym Mood Chews

The company was founded by Zak Williams, son of the late comedic genius Robin Williams. The little edibles are made with amino acids and adaptogens that target the body’s hormone levels to manage stress and anxiety, boost your mood and help you focus. Consider them your alternative to CBD, THC, booze and other substances.

Pym, which is both Zak's middle name and an acronym for "prepare your mind," comes in a 20-count tin. The zero-sugar, zero-carb chews taste like citrus and can be taken as often as you like. Though they recommend popping a chew whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed, or about 20 minutes before entering what you believe will be a stressful situation.

So, maybe keep a pack nearby on November 3.

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