A Comfortable "Home Suit" for Lounging and Looking Good

Wear It During Acts of Leisure, Zoom Calls and Grocery Runs


As many of us spend more time at home than usual, it's easy to fall into a trap of wearing yesterday's sweatpants and T-shirt, and then quickly throwing on something with a collar for that completely unnecessary Zoom call. 

Or that way-more-necessary trip to the liquor store.

What you need: a versatile option that works for all of the above.

So here's something that's damn comfortable but looks good enough to talk to virtual colleagues—or even leave the house.

CDLP Home is a new collection from the Swedish style brand that blends WFH leisure with panache. The Home Suit is available now in a couple different versions: long-sleeved with pants or short-sleeved with shorts, plus a handsome robe.

CDLP Home Suit

The soft, lustrous fabric is made from 100% woven lyocell and comes in two colors: navy and burgundy, the latter being perfect for all your red wine-related escapades. The straight-fit pants and shirt feature satin piping for a more tailored look, while keeping things breezy underneath.

Yes, there's a Hugh Hefner vibe here. That cannot be denied. But while Hef exuded excess with his smoking jackets and robes, CDLP's collection remains a bit more understated, with solid colors and classic cuts.

Wear the suit or robe at home, and you'll lounge with a touch of style. Put on some actual shoes, and you can run errands or greet the delivery person while looking like you give a damn. But not too much of one.

It's a fine line.

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