Knock Knock, the Wagyu Is Here

You Can Get Pristine Japanese Beef Without Leaving Home

A-Five Meats

Some people have been a little harsh on the postal service lately.

But as far as you’re concerned, anyone who can bring Japanese beef to your door deserves their own postage stamp.

And there’s never been a better time for them to deliver A-Five Meats, a particularly essential outfit shipping the finest in Japanese meat right to your home. You know, that place where you eat all your meals these days.

It began when these guys had an incredible revelation. Instead of making you lean on Sam the Butcher to supply you with average steaks, they figured you might appreciate the ability to peruse extremely opulent Wagyu beef without taking a trip to Japan. Or even taking a trip to that bright, perilous place known as “outside.”

A-5 Meats Japanese Beef
A-5 Meats

So, like some kind of meat-ronin, they stepped up and hit the road, venturing through a variety of Japanese prefectures and Australian and U.S. ranches to pinpoint luxurious Wagyu from small producers. All in a plot to ship it to you chilled—not frozen—so you can throw it onto your flat top or into your most treasured cast-iron pan.

We’re talking about 30-day dry-aged Miyazaki bone-in ribeyes and Hokkaido Prefecture Kyushu F1 ribeyes. You can receive both in subscription packages containing additional specimens of beautiful heritage beef from around the world. Then there's the A5 tenderloin, short rib and other premium cuts of full blood, Japanese Wagyu at prices you would never find at restaurants.

Remember restaurants? 

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