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The Raif Whisky Decanter Is the Vessel Your Booze Deserves

Fill It with Something Good and Display It Proudly

Image: Norlan Glass

Lots of things can store whiskey.

The bottle it came in.

A flask.

A standard decanter.

Your two hands cupped together.

But only the Raif Whisky Decanter from Norlan Glass looks this damn good. It's made from mouth-blown glass, cut with a diamond wheel, and then sanded, polished and oiled by hand. 

raif whisky decanter
Norlan Glass

The decanter comes in two options: clear or frosted gray. Its entire surface was born from a single slow exhale, wherein some golden-lung, oxygen-rich magician created the vessel's unique one-liter shape. To keep that liquid securely in place, there's an aluminum stopper with digitally sculpted edges and a textured matte surface. And it's all packaged in a lacquered wooden box befitting such an object.

It's the kind of decanter you can safely give your dad or father-in-law or boss or someone else who appreciates fine spirits and the ability to display them prominently at their respective homes. If you're in luck, they will even pour you a drink from said decanter.

And since you've read this, you can tell that person all about the glass and the meticulous production process while savoring your whiskey or cognac or añejo tequila.

Or you can just accept your drink, clink glasses and nod appreciatively.

 No one likes a know-it-all.

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