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Wine-Spiked Cold Brew. In a Can.

Cafe Agave Is the Caffeinated, Boozy Pick-Me-Up You Can Take Anywhere


Adding whiskey to your coffee is a natural and normal thing to do.

But adding wine to your coffee is... not as crazy as it sounds.

No, we didn't pour a tannic Cab into our morning cup to find out. We relied on someone else to do the heavy lifting. 

The result is Cafe Agave Spiked Cold Brew, a canned concoction that merges 100% Arabica Colombian cold-brewed coffee with white wine, agave sweetener and real cream. After launching last year in a few markets, it's now readily available to purchase online and in major markets across the country. 

Cafe Agave comes in four flavors: Espresso Shot, Vanilla Cinnamon, Caffe Mocha and Salted Caramel, which are all pretty self-explanatory. And because each flavor begins with cold brew, they're smoother and less acidic than many canned coffees.

Obviously this isn't the first boozy coffee drink. There are plenty of coffee beers and even a few liquor-spiked options. But Cafe Agave is the first boozy coffee drink made with wine. So, that's something.

Like wine, each 187 milliliter can clocks in at a respectable 12.5% ABV—more than the typical five to six percent you find in malt beverages and spiked seltzers. Drink one, and you'll get the equivalent of a half cup of brewed coffee and one glass of wine. Which sounds like a great way to start your night.

Or your morning.

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