A Turntable You Can See Right Through

That Also Adds Songs to Your Online Playlists


It’s 2020.

And you demand greater transparency...

From your record player.

Choose the Gearbox Automatic MKII, which is sort of like the turntable version of that see-through phone your sister was glued to in the 80’s, only this is a see-through record player.

That’s right. The casing on this turntable’s base is totally clear, allowing you to see inside of its very soul as it plays your favorite records. And the platter—where the record sits—is made completely of glass.

So it’s as much of a design piece as it is a way to play music. Just a little extra incentive when you invite that cute rocker you met at the Snail Mail show over to your place to “listen to some records.”

And it does the job well. The turntable was engineered with premium sound in mind and can plug into any line input. It is also Bluetooth and internet-enabled with a music recognition system, so you can tag tracks and add them to your Spotify playlists just by swiping up. Or down. Or whichever way one swipes.

The only thing left is to figure out is which song you’re going to christen it in with.

“I Can See Clearly Now?”

“Loud and Clear?”

The theme from Transparent?

The options are endless.

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