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The Bucket List: Beer

That's the Title of a New Book Covering the World's Most Perfect Beverage

Pasteur Street Brewing Company

"The Bucket List" was a heartwarming 2007 dramedy starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. 

It would be strange if we wrote about that a dozen years after its relevancy.

So instead we'll cover The Bucket List: Beer, a new book from Justin Kennedy and Rizzoli that explores 1,000 beer-centric bars, breweries, festivals and adventures, all ripe for the visiting, drinking or otherwise knowing about.

416 pages of hardback literature is a lot when you're reading about horticulture or the tedious workings of residential zoning laws. But you'll allow it for beer-soaked wisdom on the best places to drink across the globe. This falls squarely into the latter category.

Inside, you'll find bar recommendations from San Francisco to Prague and most places between. You'll learn about innovative breweries and their contributions to what's in your glass, like the lobster-infused saison hailing from Maine's Oxbow Brewing. And you can plan your next vacation by mapping out some of the world's great beer festivals, from Denver to Munich.

Along the way, you can flip through fun illustrations as well as photos of unique beer labels and logos, plus bone up on food and beer pairings and drinking traditions from around the world. 

It would be a nice addition to your bookshelves or home bar, or make for an easy holiday gift for your beer-loving friends. 

Putting a bow on a six-pack only works in Heineken commercials.


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