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A New, All-Natural Apéritif to Drink This Summer

Say Goodbye to Hangovers


You'd never besmirch the good names of gin and whiskey.

But sometimes, you want something you can drink poolside all day long. 

Without passing out by mid-afternoon and waking up to a horrid sunburn.

So get your hands on Haus, a new direct-to-you apéritif from a third-generation winemaking family. It's equally available for serving at classy summer soirees and drinking from a plastic cup while you stand around a grill. 

Before this stuff officially launched, there was a 3,000-person wait list. Fortunately, those days are over, and now you can buy bottles online at your leisure. It comes in quantities of two or six, so you can keep one bottle for yourself and donate another to a friend's birthday hangout or housewarming party. Or you can buy six and hoard them. Hey, it's your hard-earned cash on the line.

When you pop the top, you'll find a low-sugar liqueur made from Chardonnay grapes and flavored with elderflower, lemon, grapefruit, hibiscus and cinnamon. A touch of raw cane sugar adds a hint of sweetness. Everything's made on the founding couple's farm in Sonoma County, California, and it keeps things all-natural, skipping any preservatives, dyes and other questionable additives.

Plus, Haus is 15 percent ABV, which is about one third the alcohol content of your typical spirits. So, you're less likely to regret everything the next morning.

Except maybe that #noregrets tattoo.

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