Handsome Watches Inspired by the British Army

They Glow a Little, Too


Basic training was never really for us.

And war always seemed... too dangerous.

Still, we can’t help feeling like we missed out on wearing some really cool clothes and gear in the army.

But now we have Serica, a new brand of wristwatch that honors handsome relics of Britain’s WWII history all to keep you from being late, now accepting orders for a September delivery of their first edition.

These are minimal, tough, Swiss-made and thoroughly classic-looking watches inspired by those worn by the British army in 1945. 

Serica Watches

The cases are stainless steel, the straps are made in France from quality leather and the hands glow in the dark. So, you can wave them in the air like you just don’t care. Or, alternatively, you can tell time when it's dark out.

They will look charming at the office by day and even better during your big date with that ribeye and that person in the evening. We feel confident they will keep looking good at the beach or lake on the weekend, too.

Speaking of which, these watches are water-resistant up to 330 feet. And, refreshingly, they have no logos or brand names splashed across the face.

So you can really showcase the magnificent specimen of a wrist that it sits upon.

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