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Single-Origin Coffees Aged in Whiskey and Wine Barrels

Your Nightcap Has United With Your Morning Cup


You love the taste of bourbon in the morning.

It's just the pesky alcohol that can really derail your day... 

So wake up to Oak & Bond Coffee Co., a collection of whole bean coffees that have been aged in whiskey and wine barrels for all the flavor and none of the you're-getting-fired-today consequences.

Sure, we know, it seems like everybody is putting bourbon-y flavors into everything these days. Chocolate, ice cream, cigars... But this company is fixated on quality. The single-origin beans hail from notable coffee-growing nations like Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil and Costa Rica. Then they’re aged in oak barrels that once held good stuff from prolific hooch producers like Scotland, Kentucky and Napa.

The beans are sealed in gold-stamped Valve bags to keep things fresh. Those will arrive at your door in stately looking cylinders with old-timey script that wouldn't look out of place displayed on your bar. One might even be so bold as to call these coffee containers handsome.

Right now, whiskey fans can get coffee aged in scotch, rye and bourbon barrels. If you're more into wine, there’s also a coffee aged in cabernet sauvignon barrels.

It'll pair nicely with your breakfast steak.

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