Glamping in the Hamptons: Now a Thing

The First-Ever Hamptons Glamp-Site Is Taking Reservations Now


Things we tend to associate with the word "glamping":

-Decorative rugs



Things we don't tend to associate with the word "glamping":

-The Hamptons

Well, until now. Because starting Memorial Day Weekend, glamping in East Hampton is a totally legit thing you can do. It comes that-a-way courtesy of Terra Glamping, a Brooklyn-based company primping the camping experience by hooking you up with those luxurious white safari tents and plying you with sunrise yoga, farm-to-table dinner parties and s'mores. Lots and lots of s'mores. (You can make reservations now; the season runs through Labor Day, with select weekends in October.)

These guys have been in the glamping biz for quite some time. They've already set up shop in the Catskills, the Rockaways and Northern California. But this is the first time they—or any other professional glampers, for that matter—have laid siege to the Hamptons. So as far as your summertime-weekend-tripping goes, this could be a game-changer.

That's in large part due to the fact that they've located their glamping operation at Cedar Point County Park—a 640-acre swath of verdant forest and lawn backed up against miles of shoreline, overlooking Gardiner's Bay to the east and Sag Harbor to the west. It's pretty pretty out there. And their campground comprises 30 tents, each of which comes stylishly outfitted with one (or two) queen-size memory foam beds and porches optimized for staring out over the water at sunset or gazing up at the night sky, pondering the nature of your place in the cosmos. In addition, you and your friends will have access to two lounge tents, the dining tent, a fully-stocked grilling area and decidedly un-camp-like bathrooms, where you can enjoy a nice hot shower. 

Those will come in handy, particularly if you decide to leave the confines of your glamp-site and hit the majestic beaches or fancy restaurants in town. Indeed, almost everything you'll require for the full Hamptons Vacation™ is a more or less a 15-minute drive away—including some of the best lobster rolls in the entire country. (Please, do not forget to try those.) 

But if you'd mostly rather hang around the park, this whole glamping thing is really a delightful alternative to booking an expensive Airbnb or scrolling through your mental rolodex for people willing to have you and yours at their Hamptons house. Throughout the summer, they'll host movie nights, wellness-y events, live music and talented guest chefs. And on any given night, you can all gather 'round the campfire and take advantage of their gourmet s'mores bar. 

Without which your luxurious glamping experience would not be complete.

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