The Fall Sweater Encyclopedia

10 Essential Sweaters for the Months Ahead

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Did you feel that?

The refreshing chill in the air? A cool breeze nipping at your neck? The kind of weather that could very well be described by the word "brisk?"

Us, too.

It would appear, folks, that sweater season is upon us. And because you can't go into sweater season unprepared—as in, un-sweatered—we've rounded up 10 essentials to fill out our Fall Sweater Encyclopedia.

There will be cardigans. There will be mohair. There will be coziness. 


The Crewneck

Our pick: the Italian brushed wool crewneck from the king of crewnecks, Todd Snyder, $198
When to wear it: when everyone else is wearing a more typically fall-appropriate crewneck and you want to wear a pink crewneck, because fuck it. 

The V-Neck

Our pick: the iconic cricket sweater from Ralph Lauren, $265
When to wear it: alumni weekend at Yale. Or half-ironically, somewhere else.

The Roll Neck

Our pick: the alpaca wool donegal blend roll neck from Alex Mill, $165
When to wear it: when you want to wear a turtle neck but also want to look...a little more relaxed than someone wearing a turtle neck.

The Cable-Knit

Our pick: the heirloom cable from Billy Reid, $325
When to wear it: Blustery late-October Saturday afternoon Bloody Mary brunches post-night out with someone you like like. Specific, we know.

The Cardigan

Our pick: this striped cashmere number from Simon Miller, $795
When to wear it: on a somewhat casual second date, when you want to stunt a little bit.

The Shawl Cardigan

Our pick: old port slim fit cardigan from life/after/denim, $138
When to wear it: literally any time, over a t-shirt with jeans. This is a lazy day cardigan slim enough to wear to work or the bar. 

The Striped Mohair

Our pick: the nosti stripe in mustard from Acne Studios, $470
When to wear it: on occasions during which you don't mind people coming up to you to rub your sweater. Also, occasions during which you want to look handsome.

The Funnel Neck/Half-Zip

Our pick: the "artist stripe" funnel neck from Paul Smith, $295
When to wear it: at the tailgate, in the event that a) you don't have or want any team gear; and b) want to look stylish as hell.

The Pullover

Our pick: the classic Snap-T fleece pullover from Patagonia, $119
When to wear it: when you don't mind wearing a modern staple, because it's just so damn comfortable.

The Noragi

Our pickthe corduroy striped noragi from Son of Loong, $130
When to wear it: after you've rocked sweater season and have made the executive decision to partake in noragi season instead.

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