Are These the World's Most Comfortable Jeans?

It Might Be Worth Finding Out


Let's make one thing clear right here in the first sentence: we're not here to bash your current jeans. We're sure your current jeans are very cool-looking. We're sure they serve you well, on casual Fridays and second dates. We're sure they've been with you through thick and thin. We're not here to break you guys up. We promise.

But we would also be remiss if we didn't at least mention the fact that there might be something better out there. And by "better," in this particular instance, we mean "much more comfortable." 

Introducing Alday Denim, a brand new company from two California-based industry vets that's the latest to claim they've got it, yes, the most comfortable denim in the whole wide world. They launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this week, and they're already dangerously close to meeting their goal. You can buy them at an early bird price right now, and they'll ship out in time for you to wear next spring. 

So, you might be wondering right now, what makes these jeans so damn comfortable?

Well, for starters: something called open-knit technology. See, historically, denim has been constructed by weaving together a blend of yarns, which accounts for its toughness but also it's lack of stretchability. Alday's denim is, to make a long story short, knit. The result is a softness they liken to terry cloth and a flexibility they liken to...nothing else out there on the market. Their denim is also, according to them, 300% lighter than traditional denim, and more breathable, too, because open-knit denim doesn't block airflow. 

As of now, you can expect a regular fit with these jeans, with a slight taper, meaning you can dress them up or down to your liking. They're already collected over 25 years worth of data on "the perfect fit," so you can rest assured they'll probably suit you pretty well (although, they haven't done away with belt loops just yet). And they're available in black and grey—your two favorite colors, when it comes to uber-comfortable jeans.

Once they arrive, the possibilities are really endless.

You can play pick-up football in your jeans.

You can drop it low on the dance floor in your jeans.

You can do yoga in your jeans.

Not that you would want to...

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