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Your Next Bottle of Vodka Has Been to Space and Back

Or Some of It Has, at Least

By Sam Eichner ·
Cathy Scola

In one of the crazier liquor-related promotions we've ever seenand it's our job to see these things— this new brand of vodka will contain at least a small drop of vodka that's made the voyage to space and back. It's called Ten-Forward Vodka, and it was created to pay homage to Star Trek: The Next Generation, which really explains the whole "to space and back" thing we mentioned in the previous sentence.

So here's how this'll work: a sizable batch of the Ten-Forward vodka, packaged in a cool-looking bottle inspired by the Enterprise's operating system, will be sent into space, where it will may or may not be passed around by some extraterrestrial boozehounds. Should it avoid falling down a black hole and return safely to earth, the folks responsible for creating this stuff will transfer very, very small amounts from that batch into the American grain, six-times distilled vodka they'll sell to you, ensuring each and every one has a little bit of that sweet, sweet, intergalactic liquor. 

Limited qualities are available now to reserve online. We highly recommend doing so. When it comes in the mail, you can brag to your fellow earthlings that, yes, you just mixed a vodka martini that's been to space.


Sam Eichner

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