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Avocado Toast Chocolate Bars Are Now a Thing

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By Kady Ruth Ashcraft ·
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You’d think that by 2018, the whole “millennials are obsessed with avocado toast” trope would be a thing of the past, a simple blip in the endless timeline of viral moments, memes, and fads. And it should be. But unfortunately millennials can’t let go of the creamy, salty richness that defines our generation. Like some unforgiving curse by the gods, we’re bound to this luscious stone fruit and are making a fool of ourselves. The latest iteration of “can millennials not?” are avocado toast chocolate bars being made in Los Angeles.

These aren’t just avocado chocolate bars which would be rather tasty (avocado is often used as a vegan substitute to make baked chocolate goods creamier) but we’re throwing the toast in the batch too. No thank you. Even more unholy is that it’s a white chocolate, which honestly shouldn’t have survived past the 90s when Hershey’s introduced their cookies and cream chocolate bar.

Compartés Chocolate in Los Angeles, which makes the bars, is known for their outlandish and extravagant combinations of flavors. There's a Rosé Chocolate Bar for those who can't get behind wine simply being a dessert and a Vegan Kale Chocolate Bar who are desperately trying to make kale be a dessert. But the Avocado toast flavor is by far the most extreme and while I did indulge in hating on it (because it's so easy to do) I also applaud the chocolatiers for following their millennial dreams.

Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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