Castell: Sky-Scraping Cocktails and Spanish Eats Perched High Above Times Square

It's Almost Like You're Not in Times Square

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

The next time you find yourself in or around Times Square, make your way hastily to Castell: a classy new indoor-outdoor sky-scraping lounge with an impressive martini program and Spanish-leaning snacks, now open atop the AC Hotel.

It's better up there.

A few things you may find yourself doing here: sipping a Spanish martini with lemon oils and pickled Guindilla pepper in a chair-shaped tree trunk, commenting on the massive abstract piece in the indoor lounge, discreetly reaching for the last piece of Iberico ham, tomato and Parmesan-topped toast... It's a classy, airy space that's perfect when it's nice out, and still works when it's not.

Also, the martini options here are plentiful. Choose one—be it a gin variation with saffron cocktail onions or a 50/50 gin-vodka option with a lemon twist—and head outside to claim some of the long black-and-wood couches spanning the terrace. There's a salted grapefruit paloma on tap, too, if you're not a martini person.

And when hunger hits, just say the word and your table will be filled with aioli and smoked paprika-topped crispy potatoes; toast piled high with fire-roasted eggplant and tomato confit; and heirloom tomato-mozzarella salads. Well, say all of these words.

Some photos, now, and we'll send you on your way.

Ilana Dadras

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