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Cannabis Craft Beer Hitting Shelves Next Month

Along With Cold Brew and Flavored Tea

By Hadley Tomicki ·

We’ve seen the advent of THC-infused wine and THC-infused spirits in these pages. Now we have the great pleasure of introducing you to THC-infused craft beer.

Two Roots Brewing CO. is preparing for the multi-state, July release of two products: a beer infused with THC and its CBD sister. Both beers will be (GASP!) non-alcoholic because quite simply, them’s the rules.

The initial rollout to store shelves will include six beer styles, including an IPA, Blonde ale, wheat beer, lager and stout. A special “Tribute” beer will follow soon-after, tasting of cannabis and perhaps ushering in a new style of beer to rival the popularity of IPAs, dense as they are with hops, a cousin to cannabis. You never know.

The scheme comes from San Diego-based Cannabiniers, a self-described “foodservice, technology & brand management company... revolutionizing the cannabis industry with patented, safe and natural flower-based extraction technology." The drinks are said to be micro-infused, with the effects coming on in 5-10 minutes then dissipating within two hours or less. Such rapid onset is meant to replicate the quick effects of alcohol.

The company is said to have pioneered its own process for removing alcohol from its beer. It is simultaneously releasing THC and CBD-infused cold brew iced coffees and flavored iced teas under the line Just Society, which will join the first development in the company’s portfolio, BrewBuds, a totally compostable cannabis flower-based single-brew coffee, tea and cocoa pod.

Whether or not the brew will be good enough to entice stoners into having a THC-laced beer without the booze, instead of a regular, alcoholic beer alongside an edible or blunt or dab or a competing THC-infused beverage that tastes like something other than beer, is still the big question.

Two Roots beers will first launch in Nevada on an unspecified date in July, followed by release in all states in which cannabis is legal.

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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